Wendy’s Presentation

Wendy Sullivan

Wendy Sullivan

Our President Wendy Sullivan’s presentation for November, our last at the Adam Herbert University Center, was wonderful!  She presented products from Aves Studios (who donated products for the presentation).  The focus was on Aves Apoxy, a two part epoxy style clay.  The product has a clay like consistency and is moldable, sculptable, and sticks to virtually anything.  It dries rock hard and can be carved, sanded or painted when dry.

In addition to demoing the Aves Apoxy, Wendy demoed a two part silicone putty to make your own flat backed molds. Virtually any object can be made into a mold, allowing you to cast it in clay, resin, wax, plastic, low melt metals, even chocolate.

Wendy also addressed the issue of safety when using art products. As you well know, we love to work with our “naked” hands, not always the best idea!

Thank you, Wendy for an informative and interesting program!

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