Upcoming Show

New Beginnings a Juried Show

Take in: Friday April 1st 9:30-11:00

Jewish Community Alliance
8505 San Jose Blvd.

Piece limitations: You can enter up to three pieces, provided they are not larger than 24 x 36, or one piece no larger than 36 x 40. All pieces must be able to be hung in the wall, there’s not space for pedestals. As this is a Jewish community center the pieces also may not include non Jewish religious references and nothing that would be unsuitable for children to view. All pieces must be for sale.

Exhibition Fee: $10 for each piece, three for $25.

Percentage taken by JCA on sales: %20

Reception: Sunday April 3 1:00-3:00 Food must be purchased from a store (not homemade) and Kosher.

Take Down: Wednesday May 4th 9:30-12:00

As always, you must be a member in good standing to enter any show. All care will be take with your art, however SOMMA and it representatives are not responsible for accidental damage. Please print and read the entry requirements and disclaimers attached (in multiple formats).

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