Tony Wood’s Words of Wisdom

Like many artists and especially instructors Tony was down with the Rule of Thirs. Also like many others he encouraged us to break the rules. Though he did say, Follow the rules 1st then change if that isn’t the right answer.                                                                                                                   He said “I make mistakes, but you’ll never see them!”                                  PUSH was a key word…push yourself, push the painting, push the limits.                                                                                                                     The reason artists put odd number items in a piece? It lets the viewer do the “grouping” that they want to do instinctively.                                   Force your will on the painting.                                                                          When remixing a color but not getting the right match, use it anyway and “share the love”.                                                                                           He said “Don’t start with the Shape of the face. Start with the eyes, nose and mouth instead.

This certainly isn’t all he had to say, but what captured me and I wrote down. I’d love it if members would add to it by commenting below!

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