The Advantages of Being on the SoMMA Board

I’m writing to encourage people to step forward to be on the SoMMA board for 2016. As a former board member (treasurer for nearly 3 years), I’ve been asked to be on the committee to tap a few of you to step up and help the organization. You’re probably asking yourself why you should do that. The answer is simple…SoMMA is an all volunteer organization from which all members derive benefit. As members, we cannot expect the same people to continue to be responsible while everyone else sits on the sidelines. So the most important answer is that, in fairness, we should take our turn in making things happen.

There are benefits to being on the board. One benefit is that you will learn how the organization functions and have a voice in making it work better. You will see how SoMMA collects and uses your dues, workshop fees and exhibition entry fees. The group operates on a very tight budget so new ideas on getting more foe less are always important. You will have an opportunity to make suggestions for programs and workshops. It is very likely that you will get to know more people in SoMMA as a result of board involvement. That was the best part for me. As treasurer, I often helped at exhibition take ins. That helped me to get to know members and their art work. I really enjoyed that.

Please think about being an officer or committee chair or an active helper in some capacity. I promise you’ll be have good feelings about having done it. I know that during the time I was on the board, I saw growth and increased professionalism just as a result of having “new blood” involved with new ideas. Contact me or any board member if you are interested in more information.  The board meets one morning every other month (in the months that SoMMA has no general meeting). You may have a few tasks to perform in between meetings as a part of your role, but there are no hugely burdensome jobs if we all pitch in. To end, I have one more thing to say…DO NOT run from me at the next SoMMA meeting!

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