SoMMA Exhibition at the JCA “Rebirth”

It has felt lately that we have stepped into the pages of a dystopian movie. Life as we knew it turned upside down. Or inside out. We have experienced anxiety, stress, uncertainty, and these things can really put a damper on ones creative spirit. It’s time to let your creative spirit breathe again! Like the phoenix rising from the ashes what can you make as you let your creative wings unfurl once more?

Art can inspire, uplift and heal. Look back over this past year and give yourself some much needed self care. Don’t dwell on where you were, look to where you are headed. Come out of your shell. The beauty of art is the ability to create your own reality. Use your artwork to share something beautiful and experience a renewing of your creativity. This show title can be interpreted in many ways. How will you share the rebirth of your creative inspiration?

Take in for Rebirth will be November 5th, from 10:30-12:30 at the JCA. Your title and sales price must be emailed to Susan by November 3 as she must print those out before the take in.  The exhibition will be juried only for space limitations and judged for awards.   Show fees are $10 each or three for $25.  Size limitations are no smaller than 12” on any side including frame, no larger than 48” on any side, including frame. The usual show rules and guidelines apply and can be found on the website.

Download the current entry form and have your check and entry form filled out prior to dropping off your art. Take in will be outside and there will be no place for you to fill out paperwork except to go back to your car and fill it out.

As the JCA is a Jewish organization, no images relating to religion are permitted.  As minors frequently pass by the gallery, no images unsuitable for children are permitted.

There will be NO reception, awards will be announced via email and on the website and prizes mailed to recipients.

This show will run from November 5th through December 2nd.


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