September General Meeting highlights

In September we began a new group “swap” challenge format.  With this challenge participants will create one or more small pieces-with items or guidelines provided by the challenge chairs Don Penny and Kat McCall. Your challenge piece will be submitted to the chairs who will then swap them out and everyone takes home a small piece of art created by a fellow SoMMA member.  These small tokens allow us to share our talents with one another in a fun way.

Our first group swap was Artist Trading Cards:

Cynthia Csalovszki did our presentation on the many uses of alcohol based inks.  These are deeply pigmented inks that, because of their alcohol content, can be used on non pourous surfaces like glass, metal, ceramic and plastic coated papers like Yupo.  Alcohol inks offer an interesting unpredictability of use as they “float” on the surface until dry (and they dry very quickly!) allowing a certain serendipity to the finished piece.



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