Our Next Show

It seems we are always looking ahead. . . It’s difficult at times, for many of us to produce art when we have such busy lives. This is why you get reminded early and often that a show is just around the corner. That corner comes up fast! Our next show is at the end of August. Seems like a nice ways off, right now, but before you know it . . . BAM!

“Let the Lazy Brush Sleep”

(CC) Complete Choice Framing 11112 San Jose Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32223

Chris Kinsman – 262-6900 Email address – flchopper@msn.com
Show dates – September 1 – 25, 2015

Opening can be Sept 4 or 5th after normal business hours

Judged (Juried?)

Take in August 28th, 9am – 10. 

Take down – September 26

30% commission

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