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I’m excited to be the new Webmaster for SoMMA. Maybe mostly because that title makes me sound so powerful. I have to admit, I have not actually mastered anything. As with Art it is always a learning process.

If any of you have suggestions please check out the Directory and email me.

2 thoughts on “New Admin

  1. LeslieLeslie Post author

    Brenda, and others who are interested in being listed in the directory, there are directions on the Member Directory page (see the menu above). You first must register, which is a simple process and then you can add your listing. I am presently working on ways to make this easier. Please be patient with me as I am not a professional, but am an eager volunteer. Thanks and enjoy the website

  2. AvatarBrenda Gross

    I recently rejoined SoMMA.I am not technical but would like to be listed in the directory. Also I need information as to sending in a renewal for another former member who is renewing. my cell phone is 994-0902. Thank you. Brenda


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