Artist Members

One benefit of SoMMA Membership is the ability to submit a FREE LISTING in the Member Directory.

NOTE TO SoMMA MEMBERS: You must let your webmaster(s) know if you have a website so that we can make your name link to it. You should also submit one image that best represents your current work to display on this page.

Patricia Abujaber
Phyllis Appleby
Pat Arenas
Susan Bailie
Nancy Bain
Laura Ballard
Miles Batt II
Dee Beggarly
Patti Berry
Marilyn Blackburn
Alexandra Blake
Linda Bryant
Janice Buck
Susan Buck
Glynda Caldwell
Barbara Cathey
Tami Chacon
Jean Colandrea
Barbee Cunningham
Norma Davis
Susan Downs
Maria Valdez Dugger
Judi Edwards
Terri Eldridge
Janet Evans
Carole Foster
Joyce Gabiou
Pamela Walker Hart
Christy Hawkins
Linda Hawkins
Cyndi Horn
Cyndi Horn
Gail Husveth
Annette Jones
Cynthia Jones
Lynn Kazemekas
Janet Killackey
Kathe Kokolias
Ann Kohl
Carrie Kholes
Leslie Kruzicki
Sharon Kuhn
Vicky Lennon
Kathy Lopez
Tonya Mayes
Kathy McCall
Barbara Milon
Gloria Oehlman
Don Penny
Janet Perry
Katherine Plante
Linda Privitera
Annette Robinette
Laura Rowley
Flo Schadler
Darlene Scheyer
Nancy Serre
Pat Setser
Joan Simon
Susan Smith
Angela Sopranzi
Siv Spurgeon
Leanne Staufenburger
Wendy Sullivan
Arlene Tabor
Francesca Tabor-Miolla
Lynn Wehrman
Gretchen Taylor
Holly Victor
Janelle Watson
Lynn Wehrman
Susanne Weiser
Beverly Wilhite
Renee Winkler
Mary Anne Wirth
Bonnie Yales

7 thoughts on “Artist Members

  1. AvatarLynn Kazemekas

    Ya’ll are awesome! As a past Board Member (Secretary 2 yrs) I can appreciate the work in getting it done for SOMMA Members. Thanks, Lynn K.

  2. AvatarFlo Schadler

    Thank you!
    I have joined a gallery in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
    Will send more info later.
    I am venturing into encaustics. Loving it!
    Happy Painting and Love to everyone. Flo

    1. AvatarGeri mickler

      Flo, how are you? Its Geri Mickler. So glad to see your name where o could contact you. Pls write back!

      1. LeslieLeslie Post author

        Geri, this isn’t really the place where you can communicate directly with some one. Flo would have to stumble upon your reply some how. You can find my contact information on the Membership information page. Email me and I will forward it to Flo.

      1. AvatarWendy Sullivan

        Ellie, you can’t really connect with anyone directly on this site. Its for general club information exchange only. I will send your contact info to Flo and see if she is the person you are looking for.


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