March 2019

General Meeting highlights

Bonnie Yales-Gibson was our general program presenter.  Bonnie shared her wisdom and experience working with patterns in your artwork. Using various tools, stamps, mediums and stencils, Bonnie showed how patterning can enhance your artwork.  Bonnie’s background and education in woven tapestry artwork, which makes use of stitched and woven patterns, has influenced her art to a great extent.  Her tapestries have been featured in synagogues and she has received many honors for them.

Members Exhibition

Remixing Imagination was the title of the members exhibit at the Larimer Center for the Arts in Palatka.  Although its quite a drive for most members, the exhibit was worth the trip.  Housed in the beautiful Larimer Gallery, a historic building in Palatka that has a small stage for theatrical productions as well, the exhibit space features the original vintage wood framed windows that let in natural light to further showcase the art.  Seven pieces were selected for awards:

First place to Susan Smith for “Breaking Free”

Second Place to Francesca Tabor-Miolla for “Oops, dropped it!”

Third Place to Wendy Sullivan for “Resistance”


Honorable Mention to Barbee Cunningham for “Confidential”

Honorable Mention to Annette Jones for “Lyrical Arrangement”

Honorable Mention to Leslie Kruzicki for “Chaos Theory”

Honorable Mention to Bonnie Yales-Gibson for “Flourish”

Our beaming winners left to right: Annette Jones, Bonnie Yales-Gibson, Wendy Sullivan, Susan Smith, Francesca Tabor-Miolla.  Not pictured: Barbee Cunningham, Leslie Kruzicki

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