June 2019

In June members gathered for a critique session.   Our facilitator was Francesca Tabor-Miolla, assited by Susan Smith and Phyllis Appleby. Members were encouraged to bring an art piece that they wanted input for and the entire group was encouraged to offer insight and encouragement as well as suggestions for the piece.  These critiques, scheduled at least once a year, are not designed to make someone feel their work is being criticized.  Instead gentle guidance is provided in order to help participants grow as an artist and refine their work.  Discussion also centered on attractively framing  your work within exhibition standards.

Francesca was incredibly well prepared, with a large selection of printed materials for participants to take home that explained artistic principles and guidelines for critiquing your own work, as well as proper framing techniques.

Francesca outlines the principles and elements of design:

“Tools of the trade” Francesca demo’ed how inexpensive chalk pastels can be used to sketch over an artwork to see where changes should be made. The chalk can be wiped off once you have made a decision:

Member artwork showing the addition of chalk pastel to indicate where changes could be made.:

Francesca helps a member with her art piece.


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