January Challenge

Ever since SoMMA rebooted the bi-monthly mixed media materials Challenge I have been blown away by the talent and ingenuity of our members!  January’s challenge was no slacker in that department at all, as members presented their creative endeavors.

Pam and Evelyn do a great job handling entries and counting votes.

Barbara Milon won  first place with her beautiful canvas:

Barbara Cathey took second place with her enchanting fairy:

And Robin Evans place third with her lovely piece:

I can’t wait to see what the next meeting brings!

The mixed media Challenge is a bi-monthly program where SoMMA artists are given a set of the same materials and are to create anything of their choice.  They must use at least some of each challenge item provided and may add in whatever extra materials they need to complete their vision.

We are always looking for donated items to use with the Challenge program.  We need things that can be shared with twenty people or so (we ask that members try not to take challenge items unless you are going to make the commitment to actually do a project). If you have items to donate, or would like to volunteer to help with the program please contact Pam Feldman at: pmlfldmn@gmail.com


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