Happy New Year!!

Don’t miss our first general meeting of 2020 in which artist, instructor and SoMMA member Terry Eldridge brings us the magic of mica. Mica is a natural element that puts the shine in everything from cosmetics, to food, to art supplies.  Join us as Terry shows how to use this versatile element and its many forms to bring excitement to your mixed media artwork!

The New Year brings hope and inspiration and the desire to improve and your SoMMA board is hoping to help you out with that!  This year will be bringing new presenters, workshops and all kinds of new input to help you get your art juices flowing!  Our challenge swap is going well and continuing throughout 2020 with old and new swap inspiration (did someone say…teeth!?).  Our slate of artist presenters is varied and contains some new faces and some familiar ones and several fun one-day workshops that promise to help old art dogs learn some new tricks! Not saying WE are old, but sometimes you can feel like your art has gotten stale.  Look forward to a new year of SoMMA content that can add some spark to your studio.

Your SoMMA board is as follows:

President: Francesca Tabor-Miolla

Vice President: OPEN

Secretary: Cynthia Jones

Treasurer: Phyllis Appleby

1st V.P. Wendy Sullivan

2nd V.P. Angela Sopranzi

3rd V.P. Susan Smith

4th V.P. Nancy Serre

Director at Large:

Kathy Lopez

Kathy McCall

Don Penny

Committee members:

Programs Chair: Francesca Tabor-Miolla

Workshops Chair: Francesca Tabor-Miolla  Co-Chair: Nancy Serre

Membership: Chair: Angela Sopranzi Assist: Sharon Kuhn

Website: Wendy Sullivan HELP WANTED

Newsletter Editor: Wendy Sullivan

Exhibitions: Chair: Susan Smith Co-Chair Kathy Lopez

Computer: Siv Spurgeon

Take-in: Gail Husveth, Carole Foster and Sandy Blake

Program Design: Cyndi Horn

Publicity: OPEN

Hospitality Chair: OPEN

Holiday Gathering: Bonnie Yales

Challenge Co-Chair: Kat McCall Co-Chair: Don Penny

Phone Communications Chair: Gloria Oehlman

As you can see we have several openings for a few committed people to join the board and committees as we move SoMMA onward and upward, and as you can also see, most of the people on the lists above have been there for some time now and we could use some new folks to step in so they can take a break…

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