General Meeting Time Change

Due to a change in hours at the CCPVB, we have found it necessary to change our meeting time to 10:30 -12:30. Please mark your calendars accordingly cause if you show up early we will put you to work helping to set up! LOL.

We can always use the help, and thank you for your patience with SoMMA’s growing pains. We’ve experienced a lot of changes over the years and we’ll certainly experience more, but through it all we remain members of the same creative tribe!  “Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change” Artist Barbara Januszkiewicz

2 thoughts on “General Meeting Time Change

    1. AvatarWendy Sullivan Post author

      Hey Tuni, we meet the third Saturday in January, March, May, July, September and November, with special events often scheduled on the same day in the months we don’t meet. I’ll check and make sure thats on the website so others won’t have the same confusion! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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