“Rebirth” at JCA/online

We are proudly adapting to our Coronavirus world with our first online show. These beautiful and intriguing pieces are also available to view at the Jewish Community Alliance – 8505 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32217 until December 2nd.

JCA is open 6am to 9pm weekdays except Friday when they close at 5pm. 
Saturday hours are 1pm to 6 pm and Sunday is 8am to 6 pm.

If you are interested in purchasing an item email sommaartists@gmail.com.

The judge for this show was Lisa Loften. Here is what she had to say about the show and her choice of awards:

First Place: Social Distancing

This piece exhibits a menagerie of expertly crafted characters smartly displayed in framed, mirrored, cubicles.  The Bird Folk inhabiting their mandated socially distanced cages called to mind the intriguing characters of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”  with each character representing a path to growth.  During the pandemic it seems we have all found ourselves down the proverbial rabbit hole and need to find our way to some semblance of normalcy.  Each solitary character’s facial expression illustrates a variation of self-reflection and emotional fortitude.  The central character seems to be reborn like a phoenix in its flurry of color and design.  The mirrors give the viewer the perfect visage to appreciate each distinctive persona.  This work of art immediately caught my attention and held it with its unwavering attention to detail.   The figurative hybrid design of the characters also reminded me of a cocooned creature ready to emerge from its hibernation with new wings that would carry it to a better place and time.   While distanced from others we strive to find ourselves.  As Lewis Carroll said, “I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”.

Second Place: Regal

“Regal” is a beautiful abstract piece that reminded me immediately of a geode; a nondescript nodule of stone when broken open has a cavity lined with shining crystals and minerals.  I stood back and admired this work of art for its excellent composition, scale and use of color. The gold framing expertly enhanced the metallic gold central to the work.   I carefully examined the paper mounting and found the entire piece impeccably executed.  The burst of gold provides an appropriate imagery that causally relates to the rebirth theme of the exhibition.    

Third Place: Diverse Manifest

I am a lover of Steampunk!  The variety of materials reimagined into a curiosity shop of natural beauty juxtaposed with rusted utilitarian apparatuses created a captivating contrast for the viewer.  The rustic backdrop with subtle ink enhancements effectively creates a cohesive ground that showcases the 3-D elements.   I stood back and watched passersby examine “Diverse Manifest”, they stopped and smiled.  I enjoyed the reference to times past, especially during this time of turmoil.  The upcycled components successfully connect the work to the rebirth theme. 

Honorable Mention: New Patterns Emerging

This abstract piece has a calming subtlety that was refreshing.  I love the colors!  The complimentary use of green and orange that possess the same tonal qualities satisfied my eye.  The collaged pieces were used sparingly so as not to detract from the overall composition of the work.  The line work is well integrated as well. The viewer can see the “New Patterns Emerging” and this immediately brought me to the theme of the show, “Rebirth”.

Honorable Mention: Nine Patch (Re-arrangeable)

What a clever presentation.  This playful ensemble of nine individual works related not only by color and materials, but also through the thoughtful use of matching quadrants on each canvas.  The ability to rearrange the individual canvases order and orientation makes for an art piece that can be reborn over and over. The pinks, reds, and purples add to the fun-flare and provide an excellent contrast to the black magnetic background!  This is a happy work.

Honorable Mention: Wash Us Clean

The texture and color of the wave in this piece is so well done!  I can almost feel the mist created by this force of nature.  The collage of landscape reflected in the purple waters is also very well executed.  The more I looked at this piece the more I saw and found intriguing.  “Storms don’t come to destroy you, they come to cleanse you.  Lean into it and learn to fly in the storm!” – Sanjo Jendayi

“Socially Distant” Kat McCall $700 FIRST PLACE
“Regal” Joyce Gabiou $750 SECOND PLACE
“Diverse Manifest” Wendy Sullivan $425 THIRD PLACE
“New Patterns Emerging” Siv Spurgeon $425 HONORABLE MENTION
“Re-arrangeable Nine Patch” Susan Smith $200 HONORABLE MENTION
“Wash Us Clean” Leslie Kruzicki $200 HONORABLE MENTION
“School’s Out” Phyllis Appleby $250
“Sassy Girls” Joyce Gabiou $125
“I Didn’t Plan for This” Joyce Gabiou $95
“Pajero Blanco” Linda Hawkins $275
“In Flanders Field” Gail Husveth $100
“Thanksgiving” Leslie Kruzicki $200
“Hatchlings” Kat McCall $350
“Butterfly Garden” Barbara Milon $295
“Hello Mr. Gnome” Barbara Milon $295
“Rainbow Forest” Barbara Milon $350
“Remembrance” Gloria Oehlman $120
“Reunion” Gloria Oehlman $120
“Winter Wind and Water” Pat Setser $350
“Remembrance” Angela Sopranzi $175
“A Natural Beauty” Wendy Sullivan $300
“Salute to Nature” Bonnie Yales-Gibson $550
“Avian Preserve” Bonnie Yales-Gibson $450