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The Art of Layering II

Are you weary of fun in the sun yet?  If so, check out Joyce Gabiou’s next mixed media workshop at Reddi Arts!

“The Art of Layering II” is for new collagers as well as the experienced artist.  You will study composition and design in this 4-hour mini workshop, along with a full piece of work.

Date and times are Saturday, August 13 from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m..  The price is $75 (bring your lunch or snack).

Email or call Joyce for any questions. Please call Patty at Reddi Arts 398-3161 to sign up. Hope to see you there, Joyce.

Thanks to Sherry O’Neill

Here are some comments about the Sherry O’Neill workshop last month:

From FrankF:

THANK YOU!!  for your expertise, knowledge, sensitivity and superb teaching style.  This novice is most appreciative of  your patience and encouragement.  Too simple to say, but I learned so much AND am so excited to apply “it” to my next project.

You are a gifted artist and an engaging teacher!

From AlexandraB:

I agree very much with Frank.  It was a wonderful experience and everyone learned a lot, worked hard and enjoyed the workshop.  It was quite engrossing and time flew. Such interesting pieces were produced.

What a Great Workshop!

I think all the attendees in Sherry O’Neill’s workshop this past weekend would agree that it was a great experience! It was exhausting, challenging and difficult, but so well done. I know that I learned a great deal and will be striving to incorporate some of the new concepts into my efforts at art. For me, workshops are  important to growing, expanding and improving my skills. I appreciate that SoMMA gives me access to excellent programs and workshop opportunities. The Captain’s Club was a very good venue. Thanks to Sandy Blake and Vicky Lennon for the planning and set up!