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Coming SOON!

Online Exhibit “Brave New World”                                                                                            

Keep your eyes on this page and as well as Facebook . We will be sure to let you know when it’s up and running.  


Check back regularly under the Exhibitions menu to see this exhibition of work informed by a year of isolation and full of hope mixed with trepidation for this year. Art has always recorded and commented on current events and how society handles them. Now is no exception.                                                                                                           

March 13th Meeting – Robert Burridge

This will be on a different Saturday than you are use to! March 13th is the date. Be there or be square as they use to say!

Welcome to my studio…

Come on in and look around. Help yourself to the coffee. Don’t mind the cats…and don’t sit on anything…everything is usually covered with paint in here. Yes, my studio was an old hay barn. Cows are gone and I’ve moved in. My painting “easels” are actually 20-inch high flat tables.

I paint everyday, standing (and dancing) and use my custom-designed, extra long brushes. This keeps my painting loose and juicy. Hey, it works for me. Enjoy the art.

Why is Making Art Important to Me?

I’ve always felt making art was something I just had to do. It came out of me easier than any other skill I had or wanted to learn. It always felt natural for me to draw and make things, doing things with my hands. Crafts and models as a child, doing magic tricks as a teenager and inventing new products as a corporate designer. The underlying and connecting thread to all this was my “life long” preoccupation with making things better. It’s important to me because it has always been there with me– making art. I don’t know when I was never curious about looking for something new. I always felt safe to play with new ideas and was always encouraged by my parents. (96 years old today) I was the middle child of 5 boys so I suspect I was an overachiever at getting some attention. “Hey look at me!” I think, deep down, all artists are saying the same thing… “Hey, look at me!”

CHANGES to Online Exhibit DATES

***PLEASE. be advised that because we had lengthy issues with making our online pages secure we have changed some dates for the “Brave New World” online Exhibit the page is now ready for you to upload your entries! 

New Deadline: April 15th
New Online “Air date”: April 21st

General Meetings

All in person General Meetings/Programs are cancelled until further notice due to the dangers associated with Covid-19. We recently hosted (December) an Zoom meeting with Seth Apter

THIS Saturday morning at 10am on Zomm we will featurer Jennifer Stone

We wil send you an email so that you can link to the meeting. In the mean time… download the Zoom app from your appropriate vendor!