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About Julie Cox

I am a local artist who's paintings are eclectic in style, utilizing a diverse range of source materials and mediums. I love SoMMA Mixed Media because I can defer to my eclectic style and learn new mediums while meeting other talented artists.

Kevin Tobin’s Golden Presentation

Kevin Tobin outdid himself presenting a wonderful Golden Acrylics Seminar for members and guests of SoMMA (Society of Mixed Media Artists) on Friday. It is impossible to take in all the info at one time, so we will be inviting Kevin back to give us an actual workshop using Golden Acrylics. Got terrific samples from Golden as well!!! (Francesca Tabor-Miolla‘s post) See Photos below:













Extending your Paints


Winners of the SoMMA (Society of Mixed Media Artists) CHALLENGE. Left to right: Sharon Kuhn 2nd place, Joyce Gabiou 1st place and Barbara Milon 3rd place.
Each bi-monthly SoMMA meeting Leslie and Francesca present a ‘challenge’ for any member who would like to participate. Membership votes on winning pieces. Just for fun but you should see some of the absolutely fantastic art work that comes of a simple challenge. Pam and Evelyn have joined the ‘Challenge Committee’, see below!!

SoMMA Holiday Party 2016

SoMMA recently had our Christmas get to gather at our new location at the Cultural Center in Ponte Vedra.  The food was tasty and atmosphere was festive!  There were  games , diverse foods, drinks, and desserts to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Wendy Sullivan read a Christmas Story (Grinch style) as we gathered in a circle, we passed gifts to the left and right depending a on the key words from the story.  The surprise of the game was that you really didn’t know what you would end up with! FUN!

Thank you, to the wonderful cooks for the various cuisines!  Maria made wonderful empanadas, as well, others made their specialities, and of course plenty of desserts!  My favorite was the chocolate cheesecake…yummy!

Only one down moment, Santa forgot to leave some North Pole air…the air-conditioning went out!  However, so were reverted to our plein air status!

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Wendy’s Presentation

Wendy Sullivan

Wendy Sullivan

Our President Wendy Sullivan’s presentation for November, our last at the Adam Herbert University Center, was wonderful!  She presented products from Aves Studios (who donated products for the presentation).  The focus was on Aves Apoxy, a two part epoxy style clay.  The product has a clay like consistency and is moldable, sculptable, and sticks to virtually anything.  It dries rock hard and can be carved, sanded or painted when dry.

In addition to demoing the Aves Apoxy, Wendy demoed a two part silicone putty to make your own flat backed molds. Virtually any object can be made into a mold, allowing you to cast it in clay, resin, wax, plastic, low melt metals, even chocolate.

Wendy also addressed the issue of safety when using art products. As you well know, we love to work with our “naked” hands, not always the best idea!

Thank you, Wendy for an informative and interesting program!

The Art of Layering II

Are you weary of fun in the sun yet?  If so, check out Joyce Gabiou’s next mixed media workshop at Reddi Arts!

“The Art of Layering II” is for new collagers as well as the experienced artist.  You will study composition and design in this 4-hour mini workshop, along with a full piece of work.

Date and times are Saturday, August 13 from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m..  The price is $75 (bring your lunch or snack).

Email or call Joyce for any questions. Please call Patty at Reddi Arts 398-3161 to sign up. Hope to see you there, Joyce.