And the Winners Are. . .

All of us really. Even if we didn’t actually take home a prize, it was a wonderful reception and this gallery really shows off our work well. Lynn Lewis of FSCJ South Gallery did a fabulous job hanging the show. But I know some of you are wondering who did take home the prizes and why. I thought about just showing the pieces, but we often don’t have time to meet and speak with every one, so can’t connect a name with a face. Now since, John has won in at least three of our last shows, you ALL should now his face and his work by now.

John w:his piece1st Place John Roppolo’s “Asian Theory”





Pauline w:her piece

2nd place Pauline Dickson’s “The Dance”



Barbara w:her piece


3rd place Barbara Milon “Fairy Tree”






Maria left before I could photograph her with her piece “Symphony in Red” which took an Honorable Mention.maria wins'Symphony in Red

Desiree w:her piece




Desiree Kantrim also received and Honorable Mention for “Dark Moon Rising”



Betty w: her piece


Our wonderful President Betty Smith received an Honorable Mention for “First Light”

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