It is the nature of living things to seek a sense of community, those who understand you, offer support, speak your “language”, a place you can feel at home, in other words: your tribe.  A tribe is a group that shares a common pursuit that unites them, but it’s even more than that. Your tribe contains nurturers, mentors, champions, playmates, and those who inspire and challenge you. If you love mixed media art and are in search of your tribe, look no further!

The Society of Mixed Media Artists strives to define, educate and uplift artists at all levels of expertise through engaging programs, workshops, social gatherings, and both juried and non-juried exhibition opportunities.

SoMMA was founded in 2009 by Francesca Tabor-Miolla to explore the emerging mixed media art style. Mixed media artists were often misunderstood and their work marginalized within fine art circles. There was a need to gather these artists together and provide support and a framework to define the style.

With a mix of professional and award winning artists, hobbyists, and newbies, our membership continues to grow as we evolve with the art form, shaping the future of mixed media art in Jacksonville, Fl.

We invite anyone at any level to become a part of this exciting group. Bi-monthly meetings are held at the beautiful and inspiring Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra, 50 Executive Way. Check the “Events” calendar for upcoming meetings and you may also contact President Francesca Tabor-Miolla  atatteredmuse@gmail.com.


Guidelines as defined and set forth by the Society of Mixed Media Artists (SoMMA)

Mixed media is a visual art form in which two or more types of media (materials) are applied to a substrate (surface) to create an art piece. The substrate may be anything of your choosing but it will not be counted as a media, as it is the surface upon which one works.

  • The applied media (materials) cannot be used in a manner that would be considered typical of a traditional art form such as; pen/ink with watercolor.
  • Mediums and compounds such as fiber paste, tar gel, joint compound, paint additives etc., are considered separate elements and count as a second media provided they are not mixed together before application. Ex: adding floetrol or fiber paste into acrylic paint will be considered  one medium.  These texturizing mediums should be applied as a separate step.
  • The application of additional media must be intentional to the integrity of the piece.  A swipe of pastel in the corner, a tiny pasted-on scrap of paper or object will not suffice, it must be considered an integral part of the piece and comprise at least 10% of the whole. Anything completely hidden from view will not be considered a separate media.
  • Anything used to adhere media to a substrate is not a separate media nor are any final coatings that are applied to the whole (varnish, glaze, resin etc.).

As we are unable to cover every instance concerning what constitutes mixed media, final decisions will be made at exhibition take-in by the Exhibitions chair. The chair will consult a committee of his/her choosing to assist in making that decision.

We are mixed media artists and the mission of this organization is to promote and educate artists about this discipline.  We must define the parameters of SoMMA so that we can grow within it. It’s very much an “(almost) anything goes” art discipline however, there are guidelines that must be met.  We want members to stretch themselves to create artwork that isn’t ambiguous, but clearly recognizable as Mixed Media.