Winners of the SoMMA (Society of Mixed Media Artists) CHALLENGE. Left to right: Sharon Kuhn 2nd place, Joyce Gabiou 1st place and Barbara Milon 3rd place.
Each bi-monthly SoMMA meeting Leslie and Francesca present a ‘challenge’ for any member who would like to participate. Membership votes on winning pieces. Just for fun but you should see some of the absolutely fantastic art work that comes of a simple challenge. Pam and Evelyn have joined the ‘Challenge Committee’, see below!!

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Carol Nelson Workshop Day 1 cont.

I had really meant to share all this right after the workshop while that initial creative excitement was coursing through my veins. But…fate had something else in mind. The good thing is that the excitement of the workshop is not only still in my veins, but has continued into my studio.

If you read the syllabus from the previous post then you know that we were tasked with learning a fair amount of techniques the first day. . . and the second day . . . and the third too! On the third day we also had to gather all those bits and put them into actual art pieces. It may have been exciting, but it also hurt my brain!

Clay Medallions: these were made of Air Dry Clay, so many choices in shapes etc: I think you can see how fun it was.

Iron paint/rust: A beautiful result from a relatively simple process. Carol obviously has been teaching a while. She did many of the techniques this day, so that they would be dry and or finished processing by the time we needed to use the individual ingredients. I think the results from this process is a little more intense than using vinegar and sunshine as others do. However, the chemicals involved do smell a bit:                                                            

Molding paste stencils: Another simple but effective technique that can produce a variety of materials to use in your work. It wasn’t just stencils but anything that you could use to texturize as well. Carol had plenty of stencils and tools for us to play with. Some of us used the cheaper sparkling or joint compound for this one:                                                         

Acrylic Skins/puffy paint squiggles: This is one of the few techniques that I don’t know I will bother with. Others I know are going to do it over and over and over again. They just loved the possibilities. Wendy particularly liked the idea of writing with the puffy paint. Hmmm…maybe I will try it again, after all. This is really really easy to start with, just squeeze some molding gel out and some colors into it and wait for it to dry, then peel. 

Plaster of Paris Stones: These are a precious gem of an ingredient! Really they could be any shape or color and can add a subtle or powerful dimension to any piece:                   

CREATE: so we did finally get to make a work of art (or attempt to) the first day. This was definitely a good exercise. Carol did a demo for us to start:                                          Then she gave us the word Create printed out and had many papers and design elements for us to choose from. This was all about value and composition (she also gave out a great simple guide to three different universally useful compositions). This is a lesson we all can repeat over and over. In this case Carol made it a joy to revisit the basics, not boring at all. Once again it amazes one to see how given all the same basic ingredients and the same instructions, 18 artists will come up with 18 completely different pieces:                                       Having started these late in the day only some were finished then. You will see more in my post about the third day. Up next Day TWO.

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Carol Nelson’s Workshop part 1

What a fun filled and technique packed workshop. So many wonderful new options learned in such a short time! It all started with this syllabus:

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Tony Wood’s Words of Wisdom

Like many artists and especially instructors Tony was down with the Rule of Thirs. Also like many others he encouraged us to break the rules. Though he did say, Follow the rules 1st then change if that isn’t the right answer.                                                                                                                   He said “I make mistakes, but you’ll never see them!”                                  PUSH was a key word…push yourself, push the painting, push the limits.                                                                                                                     The reason artists put odd number items in a piece? It lets the viewer do the “grouping” that they want to do instinctively.                                   Force your will on the painting.                                                                          When remixing a color but not getting the right match, use it anyway and “share the love”.                                                                                           He said “Don’t start with the Shape of the face. Start with the eyes, nose and mouth instead.

This certainly isn’t all he had to say, but what captured me and I wrote down. I’d love it if members would add to it by commenting below!

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A rapt audience of SoMMA members and guests watched as Tony Woods masterfully walked through producing a mixed media portrait right before their eyes. He was such a good spot about his rambunctious audiences calling out suggestions like back seat drivers. Together they made a wonderful work of art. It was not certain Tony would finish before the end of the meeting, though he certainly was well on his way after only 40 minutes. He was egged on by a dare from the

crowd (more like a taunt). Sure enough the piece was at least completed as a draft. With a few tweaks he will have a portrait for sale. His many words of wisdom will be posted here later this week (If I can find my notes!)



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Great Expectations

We are so looking forward to Tony Wood’s program presentation next Saturday. Do make sure to come early to visit with fellow members and present your challenge pieces. Tony is a fabulous artist, most well known for his portrait work. He is talented and passionate. Make sure to read the interview with him in our January Newsletter.

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SoMMA Holiday Party 2016

SoMMA recently had our Christmas get to gather at our new location at the Cultural Center in Ponte Vedra.  The food was tasty and atmosphere was festive!  There were  games , diverse foods, drinks, and desserts to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Wendy Sullivan read a Christmas Story (Grinch style) as we gathered in a circle, we passed gifts to the left and right depending a on the key words from the story.  The surprise of the game was that you really didn’t know what you would end up with! FUN!

Thank you, to the wonderful cooks for the various cuisines!  Maria made wonderful empanadas, as well, others made their specialities, and of course plenty of desserts!  My favorite was the chocolate cheesecake…yummy!

Only one down moment, Santa forgot to leave some North Pole air…the air-conditioning went out!  However, so were reverted to our plein air status!

img_6341 img_6342 img_6340 img_6341-1 img_6331 img_6333 img_6337 img_6336 img_6339 img_6329 img_6330 img_6338 img_6337-1 img_6336-1

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