Signups for SoMMA members open now!

We have officially opened signups for the Joan Fullerton intuitive mixed media painting workshop October 21-25 at the Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society building.  The workshop is not being offered to non-members until February 10th, so this is your opportunity to sign up for the class before we open it to the general public.

Janes classes are a playground of innovation, filled with inspiring demos, plenty of playtime and lots of encouragement.  You’ll explore mixed media and painting concepts, learning to work intuitively, embracing and responding to what shows up as you work. Janes teaching style is designed to help you find your inner confidence, curiosity and talent and quell your inner critic.

This five day workshop is designed to appeal to the advanced mixed media artist, but even a newbie will grow and blossom within the framework of Janes teaching style so please don’t be intimidated.

The class is $595 for a five day workshop ($615 if you pay via PayPal), and a deposit of 295 ($307 via PayPal) is required to hold your spot.

Please click on the workshops page for more information about signup and payment.

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Anything Goes Members Show

This members show opening at Anthem Lakes took place on November 18th.  A big thanks to participating artists, attendees, and exhibition organizers! The show hangs until February first so stop and see it if you get a chance.

The opening was not well attended and the entries were lower than anticipated.  Susan Smith, Exhibitions chair, would be interested to know why members were not enthusiastic about this show.  The membership should have received an email from Susan asking for input about the show and others going forward.  Please take a moment and let Susan know via that email or from her contact email on the board members list on this website (click on ‘contact us’) what your feelings are about shows in general or this one in particular.

Exhibitions are a perk of SoMMA membership.  Showing your art takes courage, and developing courage as an artist is important to your growth.  Entering your art in juried shows can give you insight as to where you need to tweak your skills or your presentation, and raise your work to higher levels.  Entering in the shows encourages you to be working on new projects, which keeps your art fresh.

Here are some photos of the art and attendees at the Anthem Lakes Show.


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Members Show Call for Entries

We have had an opportunity pop up to hold a member exhibition at the Anthem Lakes Retirement Community.  Click on the exhibitions tab for details, but the short is that this exhibit, aptly titled Anything Goes, is filled with possibilities!  Previously shown work, projects completed in a workshop, newbies and oldbies,  no member will be turned away. Check out the details via the exhibitions tab!

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SoMMA Field Trip


The Traveling Diva’s (Divo’s welcome too) are planning a MOCA field trip to see the Frank Stella exhibit. The event will cost $10.00 per person so that we can have a docent guide us through the exhibit.  We will have lunch at Cafe Nola as well.  Payment can be made via a link from the calendar tab on the menu heading. Please let Barbara Milon know if you are planning to come and have paid for your attendance fee via the PayPal link.

We need 10 attendees to get a docent and we need to know by November 1st so sign up soon!

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General Meeting Time Change

Due to a change in hours at the CCPVB, we have found it necessary to change our meeting time to 10:30 -12:30. Please mark your calendars accordingly cause if you show up early we will put you to work helping to set up! LOL.

We can always use the help, and thank you for your patience with SoMMA’s growing pains. We’ve experienced a lot of changes over the years and we’ll certainly experience more, but through it all we remain members of the same creative tribe!  “Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change” Artist Barbara Januszkiewicz

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SoMMA Summer Members Exhibition

Between Truth and Illusion

Picasso said: “Art is the lie that transforms the truth”.  Through the use of mediums and skill the artist transforms paint, paper and objects into the illusion of realistic form.  A sculptor transforms marble into flesh, a landscape painting brings a place that we’ve never been into our home, indeed, all paintings give us the illusion of a three dimensional space rendered in two dimensions.  The artist begins with truth and shows us an illusion that comes full circle in revealing truths within the viewer.

Enter your vision of the space between truth and illusion in our second and final members show for 2018.  This is  your chance to SHINE so put your best brush forward and dream up something vibrant and new and exciting. Mixed media has limitless possibilities, show what you do with those possibilities.

If you can’t enter a piece for this show, then make plans to attend the opening.  Art openings at the CCPVB are fun, last year we had live music (thanks to Sandy Blake’s husband, Bill) and refreshments and it was a lovely experience.

This exhibition will be held at the CCPVB from August 17th through September 23rd.  All work will be juried and judged, and awards will be given.  Take in fees will be the usual $10 per piece/3 for $25 with a maximum of three pieces entered. Our judge will be Jo Sinclair.

CCPVB takes a commission of 40% on all artwork sold. 

Maximum size for artwork is 44 x 44 and there is a MINIMUM size of 12 x 12. There are pedestals available for three dimensional pieces.

Drop off work on Tuesday August 14th, 2018 from 10 am to 1 pm.

Opening reception and awards will be Friday August 17th  6:00 pm -8:00 pm

The show closes on Sept 22 and all work must be picked up on Monday Sept 24th between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

ALL Exhibition Guidelines & Standards apply PLUS This show must adhere to the CCPVB exhibit standards as well, and a CCPVB form must accompany the entry.  CCPVB Forms will be sent via email or are available by request from Susan:

Click on the Exhibitions tag on the home page above for links to SoMMA guidelines and forms.

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Challenge Yourself!

Just What is The SoMMA Challenge??

The SoMMA CHALLENGE is simply a fun and interesting way of helping to motivate and inspire members to go forward creatively with resources they may never have thought of using.

The materials provided for each Challenge are actually tools or prompts to help get you in the creative mode, to help you with just a slight bit of nudging allowing your imagination, your intuition and your creative side to take over.

Challenges are fun and lighthearted, the possibilities are endless and the creativity flows in abundance.



  • Each month participating members are provided with Challenge materials to take home to work on their creations, of which are to be turned in at the next consecutive SoMMA meeting.
  • All submissions are on exhibit for the membership to view and subsequently vote on.
  • The only caveat is that you must use all the Challenge materials provided in the Challenge creation. You may add whatever media and materials you like in addition to the provided materials, however if all pieces provided for the Challenge are not included in the work as well, the piece will be not be accepted.




  • Announcement of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning pieces will take place mid-way through the business meeting, giving the committee time to count, place, and announce.


The Challenge Voting Process


  1. Each SoMMA Member will be given a raffle ticket with which to vote for their favorite piece.
  2. The artwork submitted for judging are lined up with a cup near each piece
  3. The members are asked to place their raffle ticket into the cup next to the piece of artwork they like best. We ask that the submitting members not vote for themselves, but that is an integrity thingy.
  4. Tickets are counted and the piece with the most tickets takes First Place, Second Place and so on.
  5. The winners are announced by the Challenge Committee, Awards are presented and photos taken. Pix and names appear on the website and in the newsletter and FaceBook.



If you would like to volunteer to help on their committee please contact Pamela at 904-770-9071

DONATIONS: All items and prizes for the Challenge are donated by members.

Currently, awards are being provided by Francesca. If anyone would like to donate items as possible prize awards, please contact Pamela. If you have any items in multiples that you would like to donate for use as a challenge, we would be most grateful. Anything from bobby pins, feathers, bottle caps, ribbon, cupcake papers, cypress knees, yada, yada.

Julie Garcia provided all the vintage knives that were used for the March Challenge, Pam Feldman provided the burlap bags and feathers for the January Challenge. We are always on the lookout for ‘stuff’, items, junque that can be used to whet your creative appetites.

Thank you! Francesca Tabor-Miolla

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