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Working with mixed media offers an artist a variety of artistic opportunities as most anything is possible in the way of creativity. Mixed media is using more than just one medium to produce art such as integrating two or more types of art materials and techniques to create a drawing, painting or other type of artwork.


  • Six bi-monthly meetings with lectures and
  • Demonstrations in a variety of Mixed Media
  • One/two casual ‘Gatherings’ though out the year
  • Two annual workshops with instruction by international artists
  • Mini-workshops will be announced (one day, usually 4-6 hours)
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Helpful “Soft Critique” sessions
  • A minimum of two shows per year. Juried or non-juried to be dertermined yearly by Exhibiton Chair or the Board.
  • Updates on ‘Call to Artists’ in all media
  • Your name, photo, link to your website and up to three pieces of your work displayed in the SoMMA member directory – no charge
  • The opportunity to grow and open up as an artist
  • The opportunity to meet and work with like-minded artists – from the beginner to professional
  • The opportunity to volunteer which benefits not only SoMMA, the Community but YOU
  • Elective participation in the bi-monthly Critique Group and creative “challenges”


  • All dues must be paid annually. January is the general renewal dat. Some proration may be applied determined by the members initial entry into the Society.
  • Single Membership: $40 per year
  • Family Membership: $55 per year
  • Student Membership: $20 per year (must be enrolled as full-time high school or college student)

For Questions contact: Angela Sopranzi

Please fill out the SoMMA membership application:


Pay using the PayPal link below and email application to Angela Sopranzi indicating to her that you have paid via PayPal


Mail in your dues and application (make check payable to SoMMA) to:
Phyllis Appleby
SoMMA Treasurer
3026 Marsh Elder Dr., South
Jacksonville, F 32226

Membership: $1 fee added for Paypal