Please review Exhibition Guidelines and What is Mixed Media in the Links and Resources tab, as well as downloading the exhibit entry form to be completed before take in.

Use the back of the exhibit entry form, if necessary, to further explain what mixed media materials were used in your art piece, especially if you cannot be there at take in for questions.

Juried Show at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach:
Compromised Boundaries

Put your best foot forward, so to speak, with this show in a venue dedicated to the visual arts!  A juried show need not intimidating, this is a chance to really up your game and push yourself.  Ask an art friend or get some input from a fellow SoMMA member if you need some gentle critique on your piece.

Take in: August 6. 10:30-1:00
Show opening: August 9 6:00PM
Take Down: Sept 23. 10:00-4:00
Entry Fee: $10:00 per piece 3/$25

This show will be juried for entry and judged for awards. An additional entry form from the CCPVB must be included with your piece. If you have someone bring your work and you do not have this form, your piece may rejected for entry.  You can find this form at the link below:

CCPVB Submission Form

The Scene Room gallery at the CCPVB is a large airy space with vaulted ceilings and plenty of natural light. A beautiful venue for artwork and made even more so by the wonderful piano accompaniment of Bill Snow, Sandy Blake’s husband. Light refreshments will be served so please attend the opening and support your fellow artists!

Members Show at Reddi Arts Gallery
Tiny Treasures

Take in: September 27 10:30-1:00
Opening: October First
Take Down:
Entry Fee: $10:00 per piece 3/$25

Tiny can pack a big punch and this little gem of a gallery at Reddi Arts will be the venue to showcase smaller works by SoMMA artists. With no minimum requirement and a maximum of 16 x 20, this promises to be a fun exhibition!

This show will allow all entries that are in compliance with SoMMA Exhibition Guidelines and adherence to SoMMA’s interpretation of Mixed Media as outlined on the website under Forms and Resources. The only impediment to multiple entries by a single artist might be space limitations. The gallery is small.