Welcome to SoMMA- The Society of Mixed Media Artists

homepageartworkAccording to Wikipedia, “mixed media” refers to an artwork in which more than one medium was used. Watercolor on paper? Not mixed media. Watercolor on paper with photographic elements accented with black Sharpies? Now we’re talking!

If mixed media is your art of choice, then the Society of Mixed Media Artists (SoMMA) is the place for you. It is our mission to reach out to dedicated, innovative artists working in all forms of mixed media. We are here to share our collective knowledge, exchange thoughts and ideas, and to help each other explore the never-ending spectrum of mixed media art. (To learn more about SoMMA and our history, click here.)

Throughout the year, we offer our members a variety of workshops and exhibition opportunities, in addition to informative program presentations at each of our six bi-monthly meetings. (Click here to view a calendar of SoMMA events or download our 2014 brochure.) To help us learn what is important to you, take our survey so we can better understand your interests. Click here to help SoMMA provide its members with the type of programs and workshops you would like most.

As you can see, SoMMA offers a variety of benefits to its members. If you’re interested in becoming a member, click here to learn more.