Fabulous Found Objects!

A wonderful time was had by all at Jack Turnocks workshop this past weekend!  So many creative and colorful prints were made in this no-stress, low key workshop.  We printed with leaves and lace, shoes and sunglasses, household objects and discarded bits of flotsam, even a telephone and a computer keyboard!
Wendy Sullivan, Christy Hawkins, Leslie Kruzicki, Gail Sammond, Barbara Booker, Mary-Blue Ster, Kathy Plante, Lyn Wehrmann and guests April Meadows and Sharon Lean gathered with Jack Turnock for several hours of printing mayhem.
The new facility we rented from Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society is very nice and Christy and I were given a tour of the classrooms and museum. They have many cool jewelry making classrooms and I see a membership to JGAMS in my future!
I am sorry that more of our members were not able to take this workshop, it was creative, inspiring and relaxing. Learning new things always has me firing on all cylinders afterwards! Dont miss the next workshop! Keep June 11 and 12 in your plans for an assemblage workshop with Steampunk Artist Jim Smith.   –  President Wendy Sullivan
Apologies for the blurry pictures from Leslie K….I only had my phone with me…
Artists share Beginnings Cool Coil Endings Instructor and class Interaction is FUN Kathy at Work Leslie and Kathy Natural objects Neato Pattern Pattern Two Beauties Variety Wendys Wow Wendy
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Congratulations are in order for all SoMMA members who entered the “New Beginnings” show at the Jewish Community Alliance. Special recognition goes to:

Francesca won first for “Just and Illusion”.
Susan Smith (a new member) won second for “Cityscape”.
John Roppolo won third for “Amalgam”.
Honorable Mentions were:
Barbara Booker (a new member) for “Walking through the Woods Looking Up”.
Maria Dugger for “Words to Live By II”.
Gail Husveth for “Seeds of Imagination”.
Katherine Milkey for “Off we Go”.
Barbara BookerBarbara B winner Francesca’s workFrancesca work John RoppoloJohn and winner Katherine MilkeyKatherin and winner Maria DuggerMaria and winner Susan SmithSusan Smith and winner 2
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Lillian was Golden

What a delight Ms. Lillian Quirk was as a presenter for us. Gold leaf is scrumptious looking. She made it sound so easy too. I can’t wait to use the piece she gave me. I hope you all enjoy yours. Remember:seal (if needed) spread glue, add the gold leaf, and then brush off the excess, you may also want to seal it once it’s down.

_DSC0604 _DSC0608 _DSC0609 _DSC0610 _DSC0611 _DSC0612

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Upcoming Show

New Beginnings a Juried Show

Take in: Friday April 1st 9:30-11:00

Jewish Community Alliance
8505 San Jose Blvd.

Piece limitations: You can enter up to three pieces, provided they are not larger than 24 x 36, or one piece no larger than 36 x 40. All pieces must be able to be hung in the wall, there’s not space for pedestals. As this is a Jewish community center the pieces also may not include non Jewish religious references and nothing that would be unsuitable for children to view. All pieces must be for sale.

Exhibition Fee: $10 for each piece, three for $25.

Percentage taken by JCA on sales: %20

Reception: Sunday April 3 1:00-3:00 Food must be purchased from a store (not homemade) and Kosher.

Take Down: Wednesday May 4th 9:30-12:00

As always, you must be a member in good standing to enter any show. All care will be take with your art, however SOMMA and it representatives are not responsible for accidental damage. Please print and read the entry requirements and disclaimers attached (in multiple formats).

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Letter from the President

The old year is ending and the new one is filled with possibilities. I always feel that way at the beginning of the year, as if the way before me is an open road. My heart is light and ready to embrace new things. I hope you are energized by the fresh start inherent in each new year as well! 

Of course, we all set meaningful resolutions and lofty goals for ourselves each year. Too often we find those goals falling by the wayside as the year progresses, but what if we paid more attention to the travel toward the goal? The poet Constantine P Cavafy, in his poem “Ithaca”, states “When you set out for Ithaca ask that the road be long”. Cavafy encourages us to experience the voyage fully. Embrace the ups and downs, the new discoveries-even the missteps-not just as a part of the experience, but as the experience itself. Even if we never reach the goal Cavafy says “Ithaca gave you the splendid journey. Without her you would not have set out. She has nothing more to give you”. So, maybe you arrive at your goal, maybe you don’t, but you are richer for the journey itself. This year, resolve to set out for “Ithaca” but remember to “ask that the road be long”! 
Each month in my “letter from the president” I plan to include tidbits, tips, self care advice and inspirational quotes and stories. I came across the inspiration for this months self care piece while flying across the country and it really hit home.
We often, in our roles as mother, wife, caregiver, friend or mentor, put the needs of others before our own. We put our art time aside and pour ourselves into the care of others until we are drained. This can make us cranky, dispirited and completely devoid of inspiration. It’s important, however, to take care of ourselves first, just as we are instructed on the airplane to “put your oxygen mask on first” so you’ll be safe and able to help another. If you practice good self care you’ll be better able to handle what is thrown at you, and help others as well. Taking some art time whether in a spacious studio or a small square of table is a great way to “get some oxygen”! 
I’m excited about this year with SoMMA! We have many wonderful presenters, workshops and creative opportunities for everyone to explore. I plan to get to know more of my fellow SoMMA members during my tenure as president. We have new members joining every month, I encourage you to get to know some people in SoMMA better this year as well! 
“Ones destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller

Be creative. Be bold. Be fearless, 

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Margaret Billesimo at Ponte Vedra

Come enjoy the works of fellow artist Margaret Billesimo at Ponte Vedra Cultural Center                                                                                                          MB PVCC flyer

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More from the Show…

Works 1 Works 2 Works 3 works 4 works 7 works 8 works 9 works 10 works 12 works 13 works 16 works6 works11 works14 works15 works17 works18

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