Happy New Year!!

Don’t miss our first general meeting of 2020 in which artist, instructor and SoMMA member Terry Eldridge brings us the magic of mica. Mica is a natural element that puts the shine in everything from cosmetics, to food, to art supplies.  Join us as Terry shows how to use this versatile element and its many forms to bring excitement to your mixed media artwork!

The New Year brings hope and inspiration and the desire to improve and your SoMMA board is hoping to help you out with that!  This year will be bringing new presenters, workshops and all kinds of new input to help you get your art juices flowing!  Our challenge swap is going well and continuing throughout 2020 with old and new swap inspiration (did someone say…teeth!?).  Our slate of artist presenters is varied and contains some new faces and some familiar ones and several fun one-day workshops that promise to help old art dogs learn some new tricks! Not saying WE are old, but sometimes you can feel like your art has gotten stale.  Look forward to a new year of SoMMA content that can add some spark to your studio.

Your SoMMA board is as follows:

President: Francesca Tabor-Miolla

Vice President: OPEN

Secretary: Cynthia Jones

Treasurer: Phyllis Appleby

1st V.P. Wendy Sullivan

2nd V.P. Angela Sopranzi

3rd V.P. Susan Smith

4th V.P. Nancy Serre

Director at Large:

Kathy Lopez

Kathy McCall

Don Penny

Committee members:

Programs Chair: Francesca Tabor-Miolla

Workshops Chair: Francesca Tabor-Miolla  Co-Chair: Nancy Serre

Membership: Chair: Angela Sopranzi Assist: Sharon Kuhn

Website: Wendy Sullivan HELP WANTED

Newsletter Editor: Wendy Sullivan

Exhibitions: Chair: Susan Smith Co-Chair Kathy Lopez

Computer: Siv Spurgeon

Take-in: Gail Husveth, Carole Foster and Sandy Blake

Program Design: Cyndi Horn

Publicity: OPEN

Hospitality Chair: OPEN

Holiday Gathering: Bonnie Yales

Challenge Co-Chair: Kat McCall Co-Chair: Don Penny

Phone Communications Chair: Gloria Oehlman

As you can see we have several openings for a few committed people to join the board and committees as we move SoMMA onward and upward, and as you can also see, most of the people on the lists above have been there for some time now and we could use some new folks to step in so they can take a break…

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Somma Updates

In October SoMMA hosted a workshop with abstract artist Joan Fullerton.  Five full days of fun as we played, painted and learned new ways to work intuitively.  Joan is masterful at guiding the artist to tap into their unconscious and paint freely, then, utilizing basic art principles, guide your piece into a finished artwork.  I attended this workshop and it was a real turning point for me in my artwork.  I was pleased to see that every student created one or more finished pieces and everyone created six to eight nearly finished pieces.


Here is a link to a slideshow of just a sampling of student work: JF Student Show

Our November meeting held a few glitches as our designated presenter had to bow out at the last minute due to an unfortunate circumstance.  Our fearless team sprung into action to provide an educational video to watch, but technological glitches made that not as successful as hoped.  Still, any time we get to touch base with our art tribe is a good time and while we applaud our board for making every effort to provide content, just hanging out with friends was a treat!

The November meeting also showcased our second group challenge with the altoid tin swap!  Participants took a lowly altoid tin (provided by Phyllis Appleby) and transformed it into a lovely art item!

Here is a link to a slideshow of the beautiful submissions: Altoid Tin Swap

December saw our annual Holiday Potluck party which included our gift swap of something handmade that could be used as an ornament or hung as display.  There were so many beautiful items created by members or hand chosen by members.  We had great fun swapping with a game created by member Kathy Lopez.  Each participant was given a slip of paper that held instructions for their swap such as “swap with someone who has travelled abroad” or “Swap with someone who can play a musical instrument”.  It was a fun way to learn new things about our art friends and swap the gifts around. In the end we opened our presents one at a time so we could appreciate the treasure inside.  Piano music provided by Sandy Blake’s husband Bill and delicious pot luck food rounded out the day quite nicely!

Francesca among the swap gifts.

Festive attire! Phyllis Appleby and Wendy Sullivan

Merrymaking!: Lynn Kazemekas and Tracey Murphy

and Bonnie Yales and Hubby

Susan Downs and the lovely centerpieces she made.

another view of Susans centerpieces lit by Francesca’s sunny smile.

a sampling of the pot luck feast

a few of our happy gift swap recipents:

In other news, Wendy Sullivan’s recent winning  art piece from the Tiny Treasures show was selected to be used as the cover of the 2020 SoMMA Brochure.  Wendy was quite honored and flattered to be chosen.  The winning artwork had been partially disassembled and quickly reworked for entry as the original was too large for this particular exhibit guidelines.  Francesca used a photo of the original piece in its full length for the brochure.

Gearing up for the new year, watch this space for exciting goings on in 2020!

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Tiny Treasures Exhibition

On October 6th SoMMA members gathered for the opening of the Members Exhibition Tiny Treasures.  This show featured artwork of a more diminutive size, as befits the small, but sweet, gallery in Reddi-Arts.  Once again, SoMMA members did not disappoint with a lovely display of artwork that may have been compact in size, but packed a big mixed media punch.  Proving that great things really do come in small packages!

Kathy Lopez, having only just taken the job of Exhibition Co-Chair, had to deal with the opening on her own as both Susan and Francesca were called away.  With Francesca and our great team of trusty, long term helpers, Kathy’s first take in day went very smoothly and she did a wonderful job officiating the opening ceremonies on her own.  Thank you so much, Kathy, for stepping up to help the very hardworking Susan Smith with this important SoMMA job!

Congratulations to our winners!

First Place:  Finders Keepers by Wendy Sullivan

Second Place: Letters From Spain by Barbara Milon

Third Place:  Don’t Be So Negative by Leslie Krukzicki

Honorable Mentions:

Remarkably Unremarkable by Francesca Tabor-Miolla

Stellar Evolution by Denise Wright

My grandson came to see Grammy’s artwork and couldn’t resist getting in on our winners “group shot”. Kathy Lopez, Denise Wright, Wendy Sullivan and Leslie Kruzicki…and Max Meadows.

Barbara Milon

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September General Meeting highlights

In September we began a new group “swap” challenge format.  With this challenge participants will create one or more small pieces-with items or guidelines provided by the challenge chairs Don Penny and Kat McCall. Your challenge piece will be submitted to the chairs who will then swap them out and everyone takes home a small piece of art created by a fellow SoMMA member.  These small tokens allow us to share our talents with one another in a fun way.

Our first group swap was Artist Trading Cards:

Cynthia Csalovszki did our presentation on the many uses of alcohol based inks.  These are deeply pigmented inks that, because of their alcohol content, can be used on non pourous surfaces like glass, metal, ceramic and plastic coated papers like Yupo.  Alcohol inks offer an interesting unpredictability of use as they “float” on the surface until dry (and they dry very quickly!) allowing a certain serendipity to the finished piece.



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Compromised Boundaries Juried Show at CCPVB

SoMMA had a beautiful array of member art submitted for this juried art show in August in the lovely scene room at the Cultural Center.  Pushing the boundaries of art with mixed media is what we’re all about, breaking the rules about how paint, ephemera, found objects, mediums and textures can be used together.  This exhibition really showed how well our members work with differing media.

Winning entries were as follows:

First Place: Francesca Tabor Miolla for Dare I Go?

Second Place: Cyndi Horn for Crows Next Stop.

Third Place: Susan Baile for Mountains of Who.

Honorable Mentions:

Leslie Kruzicki Into the Void.

Gail Husveth for Combustion Reaction.


Katherine Reid-Plante for The Feather Makes the Man.

Cyndi Horn, Susan Bailie, Gail Husveth, Susan Smith and Francesca Tabor-Miolla

I apologize that it took me awhile to post these photos.  I’m not a conscientious photo taker, my daughter has always filled that role for my family, so I seem to never remember to take photos at events. My thanks to Francesca Tabor-Miolla for providing the photos  shown here.

Since I’m not so good at remembering to take photos, I would love it if a few people who can take good, clear, well composed photos could help out with this task.  Francesca takes great photos, but her camera doesn’t always play well with her computer to send them to me in a format I can easily use, so we could use some help….

Congratulation again to our winners!

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One Day Workshop

Society of Mixed Media Artists presents

Objective Techniques and Mixed Media … Alcohol Inks Workshop

with Cynthia Csalovszki

Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Time: 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Place: Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra,

50 Executive Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Members Fee: $50     Non-Members Fee: $75

If using PayPal: Members Fee: $55

Non-Members Fee: $80



 Alcohol inks are dye-based is a vibrant, versatile medium that may be used on many different surfaces such as tile, glass or metal and other non-porous surfaces; as well plastic, wood and leather.  Inks work well for updating wood frames and enhancing items made from galvanized steel.  Stampers often use glossy card stock, however, my choice for this medium is Yupo paper.


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Challenge is Changing!

In July we had only two entries for the Challenge project, Winner Robin Evans and Runner up Nancy Sere.

Robin Evans Piece

Nancy Serre’s Piece:

Do to the dwindling interest in this project SoMMA is changing the challenge!  Beginning with the September meeting, we will be creating and exchanging ATC’s, Artists Trading Cards.  At the August meeting members opting to participate were given a wooden ATC base to create their entry upon.

Trading cards are a (generally) flat art creation in a defined size of 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches (sized to fit into baseball card collecting books). What you do on your trading card is up to you, the sky is the limit! Please note that the plan is to trade the one you make for anothers, so if you want to keep it, make yourself a copy!

Information concerning ATC’s can be easily found with a simpleGoogle search so do a search and join the fun!  Bring your completed ATC’s to the September meeting.

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