2015 Major Workshop

Our one Major Workshop for the coming year, (that so many are looking forward to) is with the famous and talented Sherry O’Neill. She is a well known artist with quite a large and devoted following. Her reputation as a diligent and creative artist is impeccable. There is no doubt in my mind that many of our member (and other envious) local artists and organizations would love to learn from this gifted lady. Sign up soon or loose out on a unique opportunity. See our EVENTS CALENDAR menu for more information

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Attention Attention

You All need to be visiting, using and Contributing to this website way more often. It is critical to SoMMA’s and YOUR health as an organization and ARTIST. There is nothing more vital to sharing our art than Social Media these days. Try it out. There really is nothing scary about it. It’s as easy as typing

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New Admin

I’m excited to be the new Webmaster for SoMMA. Maybe mostly because that title makes me sound so powerful. I have to admit, I have not actually mastered anything. As with Art it is always a learning process.

If any of you have suggestions please check out the Directory and email me.

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NEW! SoMMA Member Directory

SoMMA membership includes many benefits, including the opportunity to showcase you and your work. The new SoMMA Member Directory is just one of several enhancements we’re making in 2014 in order to give our members more exposure.

Features of the new SoMMA Member Directory include:

  • Member Control- As a SoMMA member, you will now have control over your own profile, enabling you to change images and details as often as you like.
  • Lightbox Display- In addition to your photo, you can include up to 3 images of your artwork. When an image is clicked on, it will immediately open a “Lightbox” to beautifully display the details of your work.
  • Website Link- Many SoMMA members actively market and sell their work. If this is you, the Member Directory gives you the opportunity to include a link in an effort to help you drive more traffic (and potential buyers) to your website.
  • Contact Form- Finally, in order to facilitate increased communication between members and fans of your work, the Member Directory includes a way for people to contact you directly without exposing your email address to potential spammers.

The SoMMA Member Directory is intended to replace the current Member Gallery (date TBD), so we encourage you to create your listing today. Not technical? No problem! Creating your member listing is easy, but if you need some help, here is a simple 4-step tutorial to walk you through the process: SoMMADirectoryDirections(Note: you must be registered and logged in to submit or edit a listing. To register, simply click on the “register” link under the SoMMA logo in the sidebar. )

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